The way you relate with people determines how far you’ll go in life.
Never leave a true relationship for few faults (Nobody is perfect)
Nobody is correct at the end.
Affection is always greater than perfection.
Every relationship has its problems,but what makes it perfect is if you still want to be together when things go wrong.
If you want people to like you,forgive them when they offend you,remembering offences can break up a Relationship.
Every relationship with the people around you is never a coincidence.
In life,everyone that enters your life is meant to either bring you joy and laughter or sorrow and pain but either ways they teach you a lesson one way or the other even if its just for a moment.
Treasure the relationship between you and every other person that comes into your life.
Don’t over trust people by the way, a person that loves you unconditionally can hate you unbelievably.
(Remember, a beautiful mirror becomes a weapon when broken)
Relationships isn’t about whom you’ve known the longest,it’s about who came and never left.
Good relationships are hard to find,Harder to leave and impossible to forget.
Life is short,so spend it with family and the right friends who make you laugh and feel loved.
Build a right relationship with the right people.

By Remedy

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