Reborn on the mix ….

Word ……….
The only person stoping you from being you is you ….
You…….. you……….nigga
Now try stay you
Don’t be another
and it’s your boy bengeezy ladies and gentlemen
And it’s the blue print

I started rhyming I remember was just 13th (check)
I fuck with Wayne , I fuck Game, I fuck with jadakiss
The line were lam the style was fake I had to incubate,
since nobody let me come I had to masturbate
I be like Joseph in the prison with the masters brain,
if life is a teacher all she thought us is how to master pain,(I don master pain)
Nothing is easy , even Eazi self dey find things hard
The darkness road always leads to a better part
Short cut ,cut short some many dreams short (damm)
I’m trying to heal my owes first before I heal the world (word) , I’m leave a blue print before I leave the world
This little light of mine be boning in the inner me
Now I want you to listen to me

Many things are gonna get wrong but this eyes

ain’t gonna cry blood

The bad days will surely come and they will

end as well

Let get it …….

I fit change the plan but I never change the goal,
I fit dey slow but I’m always on the go
They say geezy don change I say I just dey grow
Boom dey my mouth shift the mic before e blow
I work day and night till my music touch your soul, what’s you sour is what you rip so I be plant riches (money)
I’m like martin luther all I got is just a dream (I have a dream)to leave the hood and make it big I gas achieve my dreams ,
When I’m tired I don’t quit I quit it when I’m done I stay sick remain ill until the day I’m gone
Rest In Peace my nigga hova can’t believe you gone (blood) the black sheep don reach light the story has just begun


Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone that made it and R.I.P to all our love ones we missed

TEAM_AME is the movement baby.

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By Remedy

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