Below Are The List Of 10 Types Of Girls You can meet in Kasu

1. The beautiful and Brainy  Girls

Those Girls in this Category Are The Girls Wey Sabi & God Dash them Beauty

2. Ugly And Untidy Girls But Brainy

See the girls in Category Are Mostly mathematical Girls, They Are Naturally Unattractive  smh . Their body structure Is just like man own but they know book.


Girls In This Category Are The Pretty & Independent Girls They involve in Business In School .

4. The Slayers

Girls In This Category Are Mostly Those Girls In Private Hostel. Set Awon Beauty Without Brain (Category of Akwai beauty but No brain.

5. The Ice cream Girls

Girls In This Category Are The ‘H & H’ (Hungry & Horny) Girls. They are like Stupid School Daughter ,,Follow hold men .

6. The ‘Party Freaks’Fools’

 Their Slang  Is ‘I Dey Go’ they love party Even twitter hangout  Dem Go Dey There Dey Shake Yansh.

7. The Thirsty IT park  Girls

This Girls Are The Girls That Shout Like Ambulance Anytime They See Any Guy On Orange Tag Like This. They Will Be Shouting AWWNNN AWWNNN AWWNNN Upandown

8. Picture Freaks
stupid girls In This Category Are The Craziest girls in kasu Any Small thing like this ,they will ask you is your phone an Iphone? if you say No, You will hear But your phone get i Portrait’? they will turn 1000seaters to Photostudio

9. ADD YOURS And 10.

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