REBRANDING Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) KADUNA CHAPTER.

 REBRANDING Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) KADUNA CHAPTER 

Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) KADUNA CHAPTER

On Friday  at around 4pm , The PMAN kaduna state  chapter held her first meeting in the year 2020 ,The meeting took place At the Window  Kakuri Kaduna .

Lots of personalities Were Available That Day ,The meeting was opened and started By The former Pman Bonafied Member “GENESIS “

According to him he was made the PMAN Secretary At the Age of 25 and Currently He is claiming 50 . PMAN should be periodic But Some have spent About 8 years There without no Trace , I am just here to support You guys , he said , OLIVER Will take care of the rest .
And The “CARE TAKER COMMITTEE “Was also renewed , Some Artistes Avalable at the meeting was nominated As part of the Care taker committee. OLIVER still remain the PMAN chairman Kaduna chapter , Ishaya Bivan Popularly  known as DJ SCRATCH  was Nominated As the Secretary, CANDY MAN as The VICE , M.O.B as The P.R.O and many More .


Hajia , was at the meeting And she assured all members that they will have no regret of coming now .
Hajia also Annotated on her plans For upcoming artists, from the idea of Entertainer House,  and The concept of Free video shot For Artists. 


Also stated that , this journey in which they have embarked on will lead us to a better place, so let us be serious and fear nobody , After dropping the Micrphone M.O.B urge every members that togetherness is simply the key .

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