pman is the back born

PMAN is Just like the Back Bone We need Them-Dan Zak At the weekly meeting which was tagged Fix Our Industry  ,kroccity music Industry which was held on the 17th of November 2019 at OGB Sabo kaduna state .The meeting brought so many stakeholders  together , While Danzaki was talking about the idea of Fixing our industry  ,he said this is a very good Step On a spot he made a reference  to a dispute  which was attended to at the meeting Between the Deezet And Ishaya Bivan A.k.A Dj SCRATCH  But not settle  yet Till Wednesday when Pman will be holding their exco meeting .Dan zak said wholeheartedly   at the meeting All artists  we need pman even if the body won’t give you money or show there are some places to fill up for you as an entertainer. I have  been working with pman Since when have started music ,am not a baby in this field. Telling history of pman I did my first record in 1996 ,Come ON  we have suffered alot with pman and the entertainment industry  gone are the days while we’re treking from kawo to KSMC just for interview  but it very easy now Artist  now can put there songs online .But in a nutshell togetherness  is the key Lets come together I love this great idea . Thank you all for reading our articles, stay online for more post about Pman exco meeting ,Their Arms ,Constition  ,The main Exco And the outcomes of the Meeting.

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